Saturday, 23 April 2011


My Mother is very talented and makes people dollies for presents and gifts and everyone is always amazed they take so long about 4 hours just to embroider the face but i am amazed at her work. She also make all the little clothes for them too! She has made me 2.

Clothes I've Made

Purple Passion Fashion                    
I Entered a fashion show for purple 
cake day and made a dress it took me 3 days of on off sewing and is the second item of clothing i have made.
The whole thing cost me 10 dollars and
i was very pleased i made it

Fashion Island Fashion     show

I made a dress and a little blue cape for another fashion show and the challenge was that we had to make it out of a king sized sheet .We had two weeks to make it but i kind of left t to the last week to  make it so i was in a rush to finish it by friday